Monday, 5 September 2011


Hey, my name is Ash and welcome to my blog 'hergirlfriend'. To be honest, i don't really know what i'm doing and working with computers (let alone making a website) has never been one of my strong points. But bare with me pretty please. I love the inspiration (and jealousy - the 'why didn't i think of that?' feeling) that comes from seeing someone in an amazing ensemble and i thought i'd dedicate this blog to be about my own fashion ideas, but mostly to my fashionable girlfriends that surround me everyday.

I know by reading that small intro, you won't know anything about me at all. But i hope i can slowly reveal my personality through my ideas, designs and pictures. I so look forward to getting into this, a new hobby is very much needed!

Talk soon, Ash. (no kisses yet, let's get to know each other first...)